"So, news of a new land travels fast, huh?" The dark skinned elf looked across the massive oaken desk at the grizzled old captain. 

"That it does, Fel. You managed to get sole rights to exploration and exploitation?"

"Of course, Henry, it's too far away for the Katarians to want to mess with it and Redbridge is too focused on expanding here, seems we're the only idiots dumb enough to want it."

"Good, that's just dandy. Get the Serpent's Run ready, I'll lead the first crew." The elf cocked an eyebrow but left the room, the captain might be old, but he commanded respect.

The Serpent's Run was a fast ship and the crew made good time. It was a few scant weeks before the first call of "Land ho!" rung out across the deck. The crew readied themselves for landfall and when at last the ship struck the sand, they quickly scampered off. The first few months were hard, wild beasts attacked the camp, disease ran rampant, and wildfires nearly ended the expedition before it began. But the lush forests called to those with a sense of wonder and pushed them onwards, forcing even the most cowardly of them to press on.

Soon the first few buildings were established and crops were planted. Walls were constructed, oak logs driven deep into the ground that kept the worst of the wilds away. And standing proud above it all was the guild hall. A small slice of life from a faraway land, the guild hall served many purposes from communal bunk house to warehouse to governor's mansion. And it was from here that Captain Lesym guided the town. At least when he was there.

But not everything was peaceful on the new continent. Soon, hordes of roaming undead began to be sighted just outside the walls, slowly carrying a creeping corruption that turned the land black and drained the life from anything that it touched. Clearly displeased, nature itself seemed to rise against the encroaching presences. Scores of wild animals began to attack the undead and colonists alike, lead by ethereal shapes amongst the trees. And, if that weren't enough, there have been reported sightings of demons and their ilk, showing up when either side seemed to have an upper hand, just to mow them down, ensuring the conflict continued, before vanishing with their devilish laughter on the wind.

The town of Longshore is a dangerous place, but an accepting one. It is a place where anyone could make their fortune, so long as they can survive to do so. It is a place far from the laws of both the Katarian Empire and from Redbridge. A place of frontier justice where no one cares about your past. And it is here, that you arrive.

Frontiers Of Medil

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