Frontiers Of Medil

Horven's Journal Entry 2

2nd Entry in

We have just arrived in a city of beasts and the dryad that took us here, how we ended up in this situation is when we went to try to get the smithing supplies we were attacked by giant snakes and axebeaks along with another of those demons. We quickly dispersed of the creatures while i and Fokur loaded up the wagons Leylin and Aedan studied a tree that the dryad we found was apparently hiding in they wernt really having much success except when fokur decided to sexually assault it by throwing meat at it it gave aedan some sort of magic stick to teleport us to where we are now i havent had much time to take anything in because i needed to write down my journey into this. I do not trust this but im here to make sure Aedan doesnt get into trouble he seems to be acting weird since the dryad started talking to him



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