Frontiers Of Medil

Session 2

Recovering the smithing supplies

The party returned to Longshore, glad to finally be rid of Glimglam Spicklestone. The Captain was pleased and handed each of the party a small chit, showing their membership to the shipping guild. The party spent a night resting and getting ready before venturing forth.

During the night, Aedan Cousland, our resident ranger, scouted to the North, and found a small group of beasts seemingly guarding a wrecked shipment that had washed up upon the shore. He only had a short moment to commit the details to memory before he was forced to retreat as the beasts began to stir in his direction.

The following morning, the party quickly moved out, heading North to retrieve the smithing supplies for Glimglam. The ten mile journey passed swiftly as the wreck was swiftly spotted. Fokur and Horven, driving the carts to carry back the supplies, angled the animals behind some cover as Leylin and Aedan took forward positions. The beasts quickly spotted the party and moved in aggressively. 

The beasts were quickly taken care of, hardly even touching the party. During the fight, a small imp once more showed up and tried to assault the party but was also quickly taken care of. It took exploded in a shower of gore and left a small card.

The party, pleased with their accomplishments, move in to recover the supplies when Aedan and Leylin spot a tree softly glowing with magic. Approaching, they quickly discover that it isn't the tree that is magical, but rather the dryad hiding in its branches. The dryad casts a spell on Aedan, charming him, and convinces him to come with her to her home city, far to the North, and encourages him to bring his companions along as well.

There is some disagreement as to who will go, but eventually everyone but Fokur, who is concerned about their current mission, decides to come along. Happily, Aedan breaks the magical bark, causing him, Horven, and Leylin to be teleported. Fokur manages to avoid the magic, and the dryad approaches him.

After making a promise to have the supplies delivered back to Longshore and that the party will be unharmed, Fokur agrees to go with her as well. The dryad teleports the two of them to the rest of the party. As the magic slowly fades, the party finds itself inside a massive sprawling city in the trees. Animals of all shapes and sizes are there seeming to coexist peacefully. The dryad spreads her arms and says "Welcome To The Grove." as a tiger begins to maul an unresisting gazelle.

Total XP For This Session: 300

Your XP Total Should Now Be: 600

Hexes cleared: 1 (200 XP)

Longshore Improvements: With the supplies safely returned (or so you assume), work can finally begin on improving the structures, armor, and weapons of the residents. (50 XP)

Bonus Objectives: None

Good roleplaying: The dryad encounter was excellent, I think everyone did a great job staying in character and keeping the action moving. (25 XP)

Other: Careful negotiation got the supplies delivered and solid tactics kept anyone from taking any damage (except that 3 damage from the Steamin Demon). (25 XP)



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